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NCIS: Hawai'i - The Tourist

Password: brauen

The wife of a naval weapons Officer disappears, apparently someone took her, the team investigates .and they Find the man who took her, dead. She left the vicinity around the time the man. Was killed. And she stays hidden. They look into her background and Whistler tells them to back off. Tenante relents and with the info they have, she deduces the Eman works for the CIA. They Find her but her husband gets taken. And they need to Try and Help everyone but Whistler wants to take her but to save her husband they need her.

Writer: Amy Rutberg

Cast:  Vanessa Lachey  Alex Tarrant  Noah Mills  Yasmine Al-Bustami  Jason Antoon  Tori Anderson 

Guest Stars:  Chloe Lanier ,  Titus Makin Jr.  Julie White...

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